About Me

I, Amir Tehrani a visual artist, Invite you to see my art work, and welcome all of you to share your ideas .Appreciate to visit my Website.

I work intuitively and let my feeling scratch the canvas.


my work is inspired by my own very personal journey where I was forced to cut ties with one place and establish new roots in another. Renewing my interest of Architectural to painting

Some of my abstract painting have an energy and place , featuring surreal psychological figures and in architectural landscapes . some take a critical view of humans connection, both physically and emotionally, especially in the fragmented world we now often find ourselves. The artworks explore the idea of trying to find connections and stay connected, despite the constant pressures of life and society trying to tear those connected tins apart. Also complaining of the disturbed, messy world around people. Such a world infected by war, assault, offence, pillage, abuse, bulling and lies. My works allow a space of contemplation for the viewer and evokes ideas of safety, beauty and identity. These are poetic pictures that invite the audience to question what these idea are, where they are coming from and where they are going to. Are they escaping something or are running from?